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       Thanks Robert, I had twins and they are doing fine. Last year when I saw you I was really nervous about getting pregnant. My husband did not believe me when I told him you had predicted that I would get pregnant and especially about having twins. You made a believer out of him. Thanks. Donna

 Robert, I wish I had listened to you about my boyfriend Marco. I loaned him $25,000 to buy the truck and of course he put the vehicle in his name. One month later he left me for the girl with the highlights who works with him. I don't care so much that we brokeup but I am probably not going to get my money back , am I? Irene

I wanted to tell you that I was not only laid off from my job but acutually got a promotion during the recent shakeup at my job. You predicted that I was a great asset at work and that I was not going to be let go. You were also right on about my boss, he was let go. Marcia in Chicago

 This is Lisa who is absolutely forever in your debt. I was hoping to get to take some time and thank you personally for your reading. I am forever grateful to you for your reading, which thankfully, I thought of when Grace's heart rate was dropping and I remembered you telling me the cord was around her neck.  I think I told you the dramatic circumstances surrounding her birth. She was two months early and they could not see via ultrasound why her heart rate would stop with every contraction. Truthfully, I should have been scared with my husband in Iraq and I was alone to make the decision of what to do. But, I was not scared, I remembered what you said and decided to have a c-section. After she was delivered the doctors told me the cord was around her neck tightly two times. They told me had she not come out tarly and I had not had a c-section we would have had trouble.

She is the most precious thing in my life and has filled the vacuum with my husband overseas. And I will always always remember that you told me about her way before I met my husband. I hope that some day we can all thank you in person. Grateful  Yours, Lisa G.

Robert, it took a year but I did get the job with Southwest Airlines in Dallas, Tx. I never imagined that I would be hired by Southwest. They have so many applicants but somehow I was selected. Javier

 I met the guy with the uniform and he is in the Army and will be stationed in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks. You had mentioned that I was going to live around a large body of water, maybe even an island and we are going in January. Larry wants to get married in Hawaii. what do you think? His birthday is 2/23/74? Will we have any kids, he already has two and maybe may not want anymore.


Robert, the Radiologist and I are absolutely in shock about  the cat scan results. The preliminary interpretation of the X-Ray was large mass and possibly Cancer. The visions of the two persons in the room telling you that "Jorge said everything would be ok" is absolutely amazing. You identified the two people in the room as two individuals that the Dr. had recently lost. She is also in your debt becasue you answered some questions that had remained open between her and her mother. Her nephew always wore a white hat as you described. What a story! Your Doctor, J.G.   

P.S. Jorge is the name of her husband who is also an M.D..