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Today,most people agree that Subconscious urges motivate and the influence a person's behavior in all aspects of daily activity. The Subconscious represents the major portion of mental activity and is generally accepted as having more impact on the way people think and interact with others than do conscious thought processes. PsychoGraphology opens the door to the mystery of the Subconscious by identifying those personality traits and urges that remain dormant but influence  the decision making process.

PsychoGraphology, known as a "Projective Technique," idenifies a person's true personality by utilizing both mechanical and intuitive methods for assessment purposses. PsyoGrapholosy can also be used to tap into an individual's stream of awareness and explore those experiences theat are described as the "womb tomb" phenomenon of past, present and future situations.

 Robert McKnight combines an educational and personal history of PsychoGraphology that expans over 40 years. His background includes teaching in Pyschology, Philosophy, Religion, and Parapsychological methods.  Mr. McKnight is available for individual, group or business consultants by appointment only.

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